Top 5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs [Best Apps for Entrepreneurs]

The success stories of some recent startups like Uber, Snapchat, Instagram etc. and some old ones like Facebook have inspired millennials to wander about into the unknown and make their own success stories. This is the reason why a lot of startups and entrepreneurs are booming in today’s date. Startups not only allow their owners to work independently without a boss but also allow creative ideas to come forward and be put to use.

Top 5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs
Apps Every Entrepreneur Need

However, being an entrepreneur and sustaining a startup is no easy job. Yes, you are your own boss but you’re also the boss of many other people and also the owner of a thriving business. So today, we have compiled a list of 7 apps we think every entrepreneur needs.

Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

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  1. Skype

The first app on our list needs no introduction. This video calling app has been around for a long time now and has become the go-to app for all video calling and conferencing needs. With the added advantage of iOS and Android apps, Skype lets you stay connected on the go.

  1. Recruiterbox

For those of you who haven’t heard of recruiterbox before, the app is meant to make hiring process easier. With this app, you no longer have to manually sort through the CVs of prospective employees for your organization. The app automatically lets sorts CVs and resumes for you based on preset filters so you can utilize your time elsewhere. The app also tracks the progress of each candidate throughout the process of application.

  1. Camcard

An important part of being an entrepreneur is making contacts who can help take your business and you forward and the other way around. While exchanging visiting cards has been and still is the conventional way to exchange contact details, losing them is even easier and losing a visiting card which belonged to someone important can be a deal breaker for you. Camcard solves this problem. This app lets you click a picture of any visiting card and the contact details of the person are automatically saved in your phone.

  1. Proven

Another app that lets you streamline your recruiting process, Proven helps you organize your hiring process to make it easy for you. The apps lets you post vacancies to different boards, all from within. Not just that, you can also categorize the applications you receive into a “yes”, “no” or a maybe. The app can be particularly useful for businesses which make numerous hiring throughout the year or for business owners who juggle many businesses at once.

  1. Quickbooks

As the name suggests, Quickbooks is an accounting software that aids you in running the business. It lets you keep a track of the expenses, sales and debts of your business and view the profit and loss statements. You can also sync the app with your bank and PayPal accounts to make payments to your employees and vendors on the go. The best part? The app works online so you can work from multiple devices and pick up where you left off from any device.


So, these were some of the apps which can the life of a Business Owner or an Entrepreneur fairly easy and simple. We tried to include the best app in each category. However, if you still think we missed out on an app or a service, which you think should have made the list. Do let us know, in the comments below, and we will happy to include worthy mentions. Cheers!

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