Top 5 Dating Apps for Geeks With Complete Guide

You found yourself in the world of video games: you can break the tower on any lane alone, complete Dishonored 2 in a day, without ever being spotted by the enemy, and no one can compete with you in Overwatch. There it is, your happiness, but still, there is a feeling that something is missing. For example, normal life. In particular, a personal one. 

Dating Apps for Geeks 

Dating Apps for Geeks
Dating Apps for Geeks

I mean, you have perhaps been only dreaming about one of those hottest busty redheads in Hollywood, but are you afraid to put some effort into finding one for yourself? 

On the battlefield of a video game, you are the king and god: no one can escape from your deadly attacks and avoid ingenious traps when it comes to video games. But should you try to meet a girl, and everything immediately flips upside down. Do not despair: you are simply not used to it. There are lots of ways of attracting a girl, even if you’re a seasoned geek and gamer. 

We will mainly focus on some dating apps, but let’s start off from some useful tips for dating: 

Let’s put it this way: one successful joke can earn you 100 points, and an unsuccessful one makes you restart a level. How can you avoid such mistakes? Never joke about a girl, belittling her dignity; no one likes that. Also, do not joke about what is important to her, even if you sincerely think her beloved Spider-Man is a fool. Save this topic until the time when your relationship is stronger. Edginess too should be avoided at first: it is quite possible that she can compete with you in-jokes about your mother, but it is better to find out later. Joke on neutral topics, preferably, not Internet memes. Some of them may strike a wrong chord. 

Show them what you are good at girls to love successful guys. This applies to everything, including computer games. If she likes the same thing as you, this is a great chance to show your best, listen to the difficulties she faces, and give a couple of tips. Or offer assistance in completing some games. The main thing is not to pull the blanket over yourself.  

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in establishing communication with girls. This is certainly not as difficult as you may think! To be an interesting conversationalist means to have a tremendous advantage. Everyone loves charismatic, confident, interesting people. The myth that geeks are just shy kids with low self-esteem and problems in communication is just a myth, and you don’t have to comply with it. 

So, with that out of the way, let’s enlist some dating apps for you: 


Hater is a project of comedian Brendan Alper who originally thought of this app as a joke. On February 8, the application was released. Its interface is similar to Tinder: you choose from objects, themes, and phenomena rather than potential candidates for a date. The developers of the application offer you to choose from two thousand objects of hatred, from Donald Trump to slow pedestrians and vegans. Alper promises that, in the future, users will be able to independently talk about what they cannot stand. 


Sapio is an application for sapiosexuals. Those are individuals who are attracted to very smart people. At first glance, Sapio is no different from other dating applications (the ambitious concept does not count). However, it has a rather useful function: the user can select several questions from 300 proposed ones; you can answer them in a free-form and show this form to other users. Questions, for example, are “The first thing you will do if you win the lottery” or “If you don’t like … I don’t think we would get along.” 


Twindog is an application for dogs and their owners. It is very simple and clear: you can choose some company for your pet or only for yourself. In the first case, you upload a photo of your dog; in the second – your joint photo. We do not know how things are when it comes to romance, but the application will help to find new friends that live nearby. 


I mean, there is no point in explaining this one, isn’t there?! You know about it already; it’s the biggest dating app on the market. You should not avoid this option; just scroll through it occasionally. Lots of geek girls use it too – a lot more than you think. 

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