How To Fold A Pop Up Beach Tent – [Step By Step Information]

Popping up a beach tent is very easy and one can easily do it. And I know some people love it, especially me, I love to pop up beach tent whenever I get an opportunity. It is a great fun for me watching a beach tent popping out. But the harder part is to fold this tent. And I do avoid it when it comes to the turn of folding.

Usually, my friends or family members do this. But later, one of my close friends teach me the technique of folding beach tent. Now in this writing, I am going to present my experience on – How To Fold A Pop Up Beach Tent. Before going to go the folding part, one thing I should clarify that there is a very slight difference between beach tents for your baby and normal tents. But it does not affect in folding beach tent. So don’t worry.

Guideline On How To Fold A Pop Up Beach Tent

How To Fold A Pop Up Beach Tent
How To Fold A Pop Up Beach Tent

So, here I will present a step by step guideline so that anything should not miss. Hope you like my guideline.

First Clean the Tent Properly

When I research on the web for the tutorial of our writing topic, I do not find this step. More importantly, when it comes to baby tents, it is very necessary to clean to protect your baby from dirt. That’s why It is very shocking for me. But I am not going to miss this.

Yes, you should clean the tent properly. Simple shaking can do maximum time for you but please wash properly once or twice a month. You just need to take some detergent and wipe with a cotton cloth for some time. Then wash this with clean water. After that, you should dry it in sun. It will give longevity to your tent as well.

Fold it to an Oval Shape:

Beach Tent
Beach Tent

Now the main part starts.First, you have to stand in front of the tent opening facing. Then you need to grab the two side of the entrance of the beach tent. Just fold the left side of the tent down to the ground first and then do the same exactly for the right side of the tent. Now your tent needs to bring it down on top and hold both two sides together. At the end of the process, you will see the oval shape of your tent.

Apply Figure Of Eight:

In the next step, you need to put the pop-up tent on its side. Now, you have to give pressure to the middle section. After that, you will see the tent looks the figure eight. Once you get this shape, continuously keep your load in the middle section so that the tent doesn’t move about.

Make it Circle:

Now, you have to grab one of the ends your figure of eight and fold it over and do it continuously until it forms a circle. Many people worry about the poles. But you shouldn’t as the poles are flexible enough to not break. Now, you need to hold the tent to circle shape and pull the elastic bands around to keep the tent in together and in shape.

Pack it:

Now, it is the last part to pack it to the bag. But before that you need to tuck the poles in if any of the poles are sticking out around the edges. It will give you so much comfort to put in the bag.

Final Verdict:

I am done with my writing. I hope that the step by step guideline on folding a pop up beach tent will surely help you to learn the technique. Please let us know what you think about our writing in the comment section. I am signed out now; be happy as you always.

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