How To Post A GIF On Instagram? [Easiest Method]

As you all know very well that GIF is becoming so popular day by day from last few years because many of the users are using them as a digital form of communication. Some of our readers doesn’t know that how to post a GIF on Instagram and for those readers we are sharing the complete information which help them to post a GIF on Instagram.

A GIF help the users to get a perfect comedic response as many of the youngsters are using them as one of the best digital form of communication. A GIF also help the users to watch a video without having any kind of problem about the sound in a public place. Sharing GIF is really simple and you are able to use them at the time of text messaging and sending emails and it will became a part of everyday life. To get to know how to post a GIF on Instagram you need to read this complete article to understand the whole process.

How To Post A GIF On Instagram?

How To Post A GIF On Instagram
How To Post A GIF On Instagram

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Lots of people are posting the new and attractive GIFs into their Instagram account along with a solid reason. A quality GIF help the users to engage with the current followers and also it help the users to promote their brand to open it up to the new followers. If people love to spend their time to watch funny GIF, then there is one of the best chance to hit the “like button”. If you became a GIF aficionado, then the people will more likely to interact with your Instagram profile or your brand and it starts driving more traffic into your website. This is one of the beneficial method, doesn’t matter that you are a public figure or not or trying to maximize the exposure for one your international brand.

Instagram doesn’t have an in-built feature by which it is able to allow the users to post GIFs. Then the users are able to use an excellent software which is called “Giphy” which help the users to make or create GIFs for the users but it will help the users to post them to their Instagram profile easily.

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How to Post a GIF to Your Instagram Profile [Step by Step Process]

If you want to know that how to post a gif on instagram story then simply follow the below given step by step process by which you are able to get to know about how to post a gif on instagram story from camera roll.

  • Firstly, you need to download the Giphy
  • Then install it in your device
  • After this, simply find the GIF which you want to post on Instagram or also you are able to use the Giphy to convert a personal video into a GIF
  • Then, save the GIF into the camera roll of your device
  • open the Giphy
  • Then, search for the GIF
  • After this, make a click on “Share it” section
  • simply tap on the Instagram symbol
  • Then you need to “Allow Instagram to open”
  • Now, post the file and enjoy

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So, finally you are able to post the GIF into your Instagram profile and also all of your followers are able to view that GIF and also able to comment on it and like it. Also, it will allow you to create a stronger following and help you to stay updated with the quality content. If this article helps you to get to know about how to post a GIF on Instagram then let us know by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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