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WhatsApp Plus: Smartphones came into existence almost 2 decades ago. In the last two decades, we have seen tremendous improvements in the field of mobile phones. Especially Android devices had evolved to a new phase in the last 5 years. Earlier Smartphones were very particular about their operations or features. But in 2018 I.e. current year Smartphones had become so efficient and capable that humans are being replaced with them. By the end of 2020. It is predicted that 50% of manpower will get replaced with Artificial Intelligence.

But, in 2018 when everything is growing with their top speed. Some particular companies are still restricting their users to act as per their desire. For instance, WhatsApp is one of such companies as it has implemented dozens of such restrictions and giving a reason that every restriction is implemented for the sake of their user’s privacy. Whereas the reality is way far different.

WhatsApp Plus App

WhatsApp Plus
WhatsApp Plus

Since we humans are capable enough to solve any problem that occurs. Some talented developers had created a stunning application named as “WhatsApp Plus”. If you aren’t satisfied with the official WhatsApp then it is recommended to download WhatsApp plus APK for Android device that you are using. By doing this, you will be knowing what all problems ‘WhatsApp’ has whereas ‘WhatsApp Plus’ doesn’t?

If you still feel that WhatsApp Plus isn’t that efficient for you then, have a look over the next segment.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

Talking about reality for a moment, then hundreds of mod applications are existing on the internet, then why we are talking about WhatsApp Plus instead of talking about others. WhatsApp Plus offers you everything that is being demanded by a normal WhatsApp user especially the safe whereas other mods only claim to offer but never offered in reality.

Below listed are some of the features of WhatsApp Plus.

Gives Filters to Avoid Spam

On official WhatsApp, anyone who has our contact number can call us and if we want to block that user then we won’t be able to have a chat conversation with that users. But on WhatsApp Plus, you have the freedom to block anyone’s calls specifically without disturbing your chat conversation with that user.

If you are tired of getting voice messages I.e. through Audio recording feature of WhatsApp then in WhatsApp Plus you can disable that too for any user.

Design your own WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus gives you several options through which you can design your own WhatsApp Interface. From themes to App icon, you have the liberty to replace everything from hundreds of options available in the app itself. Thus, a big no to the third-party apps that we use to download in order to change the theme of WhatsApp.

Hide your Online Status

You might be having a thought that you can hide your online status on Official WhatsApp too then what’s the need of WhatsApp Plus? Before going back to your boring WhatsApp, you should know that in WhatsApp Plus you can hide your online status and can have an eye on others at the same time.

Along with this, you can hide the double ticks that appear when a message gets delivered of the blue tick when the message is seen. Through this, you can add a new layer to your privacy.

WhatsApp Plus has some other features too that aren’t listed here but you can experience them by downloading the WhatsApp plus APK for Android from its official website or some third party APK providers.

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